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Enter the number of a mobile phone that has to be located. The phone must be switched on when locating it.

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The time of locating the phone depends on the quality of the range. This locating a phone lasts from a few to several dozen seconds.


You can now use the phone's locator. The full location of the number will be displayed along with the city, street and number - visible on the map.


locate in a simple way

The phone locator is an on-line application that enables to find the location of a particular phone. Using the locator, you can check what is the position of the selected phone, which remains switched on at the time of locating. The advantage of the locator is that it can track the phone with an accuracy of one meter, so you get to know the exact place where the phone is positioned. The located phone does not send any signals or notifications. If you want to quickly locate a phone while remaining anonymous, this app is for you. All you have to do is use any device that's equipped with a browser to track the selected phone.

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Enter the phone number and locate any mobile! We operate in many different countries.


Locating the phone is a great solution for business owners and caring parents. You are able to control where your employees and children are. The user panel allows you to add up to 10 phone numbers to which you want to have access. This is the only such service on the market. Today you can join the group of several thousand satisfied customers. Mobile tracking takes place on the basis of several factors and GPS navigation. It is carried out in a quick and simple way through the website and logging in to the user's panel. In addition to the location, you also get access to the content of text messages (during the testing phase). The system fully reflects the history of a given mobile and sends it to the servers from where it immediately reaches our account.

The mobile phone is located with extremely high accuracy of one meter, if we have sufficient range. The place where the device is located will be displayed to you on the map (Google Maps) together with the address. You don’t need to buy anything extra to track the phone of your wife/husband, children or employees, no matter where you are. All day you can freely check other people's locations, and everything is done in a completely anonymous and safe way. There are many portals offering a similar service - tracking the phone using its number. Most of them do not work properly. The system presented by us has been repeatedly tested by the best IT specialists and has been unanimously acclaimed as the most effective and safest in the Internet. We have a whole lot of satisfied users. Certainly, you often wonder where your relatives are staying, but you don’t want to call too often and ask what they are doing. You often worry because your child does not come back home in time, and does not answer the mobile phone. Or maybe you just lost your cell somewhere and you can not find it. You want to track a particular phone, but you are helpless. Now it's possible. Create an account and see how easy it is.

From the technical point of view, finding the location of a phone is quite complicated, but the purpose of the service presented here is locating a mobile phone with the use of our application, and all this takes place in a simple, fast and secure (anonymous) way, without any difficult steps. In order to use the application, you must register an account at our website. Owing to the use of our program, you ensure the safety of yourself and your friends, who are absolutely unaware of being under "your control". The system works efficiently on devices with the Android operating system, i.e. the vast majority of currently used smartphones and tablets in the world. If necessary, our support can help if anything is unclear or you have questions about the service. Tracking a phone has never been so easy.

Nowadays even children have a lot of responsibilities. Apart from the school, they often attend a variety of extracurricular activities or meet with friends, and we do not know where they are, and yet we want to take care of their safety. It would be useful to always be aware of where our kids spend their time. Checking and controlling our partners and children will allow us to sleep peacefully. Turn your mobile phone into a phone locator, so you will not miss any whereabouts of your loved ones. So when asking yourself a simple question on how to track a mobile phone, just check us out.