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The regulations of the service specify the rules for the tracking service via the website
1. Main definitions:
Application - A mobile application, software created and maintained by a provider operating on a child's or a loved one's phone, allowing sending security-confirmation reports. The information is transferred to the service and presented graphically in the user panel where the customer has access by a login and password Loved one - A client who is 18 or over it (an adult) who agreed to track his/her SIM card and to share his location data.
Child - A person who is under 18 (underage person) whose parent or legal guardian is a parent who agreed to track his or her phone number.
Customer - subscriber according to the terms and conditions of the services by the Service Provider to the Customer.
Account – user’s account of the service used for the provided services.
Tracking - a phone tracking system based on GPS, BTS, WIFI and GSM last location infrastructure - the possibility of getting the last known location of a child or a loved one before the loss of the phone.
Parent - a person with full legal capacity and (I) full parental authority. A customer who is a parent or legal guardian of a child or (I) a customer who is in relationship with the loved one.
Service – an internet service under the address
Service - access to the user's panel at
2. Terms of use: in order to use the service, you need to subscribe an account at Access to the service is possible via a web browser, e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and others. To use the tracking, please enter the number to which we will send the access code entitling you to the use of the application. The service provider guarantees the operation of the service on all Android phones. The service provider is not responsible for any disputes arising from the installation of the application on the phone to which the user has no right. The application sends tracking information every 5 minutes. The user has access to the tracking system.
3. Subscription terms: the customer has the option to subscribe an account by creating an account on the website The Account subscription is payable
4. Liability of the service provider: The service owner does not bear any responsibility for: possible damages incurred by the User that may result from delays in sending information, incomplete or out-of-date information and inaccuracies of information provided as part of the service, the use of the service by the users of the service and any damages and losses resulting from using or the inability of the user to use the service, including the damages and losses caused to third parties, the completeness and timeliness of information provided by the service provider
5. Final terms: The service is provided on the terms specified in the Regulations from 1st June 2018 for an indefinite period of time. The Regulations are available at Contact with the service provider is possible through the contact tab. Resignations from the use of the service should be sent by email to the address Complaints are processed within 48 hours. The reason for resignation is an error in the operation of the service. The operation of the service is constantly supervised by the company's programmers and the history is saved by the system.